Justin S.

Before I met Mohammad and Imad, I was working out 5 days a week weight lifting and doing intense cardio for long periods of time, eating healthy, but still getting absolutely no results.  I didn’t know what I was doing wrong and had sort of accepted the fact that I would never have abs or be able to get lean or build any significant muscle definition.  Imad caught me in the gym one day and made a comment about how much time and effort he saw me putting in at the gym, and how hard I worked, but wasn’t really getting any results.  Shortly after that, I met Mohammad as well, and that is when I was introduced to Champion Method.

In the first meeting, it was made clear what I was doing wrong.  Mohammad takes a very calculated approach to diet and training.  He walked me through exactly what needed to change in my diet, and taught me how to modify it based on the results I was looking to achieve.  He also looked at my training plan and helped me understand the different types of cardio needing to be incorporated into my program to complement weight training goals, instead of compromising them.  The Champion Method weight training workouts are also next level.  They made my previous training plans look amateur.  The workouts are intense and difficult, but have helped me realize that previously I was not properly working all facets of each muscle group for a complete workout.  Mohammad put in the time, effort, research and proven methods behind the workouts, so all I have to do is follow them and know I am putting in the work needed for a complete workout that will produce results.  The expertise Champion Method brings to the table combining nutrition and training together are second to none in the fitness industry.  On the program, I effectively reduced my body fat percentage from 22% to 10% and have started to add lean muscle mass with sustainable, long-term results.

-Justin S.