My 90 day experience with ChampionMethod was by far the toughest challenge I ever faced in my life. On February 10 I weighed at 205lbs, low self esteem and
losing all confidence that I had in myself. I finally woke up one morning and  decided to take control of myself so I began researching some of the best workout programs out there. I ran into Muhammad at the masjid one Friday morning and he gave off this positive energy that motivated me to try out the ChampionMethod 90 challenge. Since day one they held my hand, showed me how to workout properly, when and how to take my meals, they even put up motivational videos on their website on days I didn’t feel like working out.

The first month was very tough, having mostly liquids as my main source of food was something my body was not used to, but with the help of Emad and
Muhammad I was able to push through. After that first month it was much easier to control the sugar and carbohydrate cravings, I was literally a robot eating only proteins, vegetables and shakes and with the help of Emad I was able to prepare some of the most satisfying and delicious meals. As difficult as it was to
control my cravings the real challenge came when I stepped into the gym. Before every workout I would login to and watch a video on what to workout for that day, Muhammad explains very vividly how to train every inch of your body, what you should feel and what is right and wrong. With Their help I was able to lose 60 pounds and now I weigh at a confident 145 pounds. Now I won’t sit here and say that you just do as they say and it’ll be a walk in the park, No! You have to work your butt off every single day, these 90 days will be some of the most grueling days you’ll ever experience. every day is
a challenge in itself, believe in yourself and in the process and I promise you you’ll be happier than you’ve ever been. As tough as it is, These guys will pave the way for you and help you every step of the way.

Thank you so much Muhammad And Emad you guys are truly an inspiration and i can’t thank you guys enough for what you’ve done for me!