Starting off with this program I was a bit skeptical honestly because I’ve seen so many people say they can help me change and help me get a nice body and the only reason I actually joined was because Mohamed Qandil was a good friend. As time went on I started seeing results and was very happy. My goal was to gain muscle so that required me to eat more and the nutritional plan Mohamed got me on was amazing. He taught me new recipes that were very delicious and healthy. Long story short Mohamed is a great guy, and an amazing personal trainer. If I had any questions he would help me at anytime and teach me instead of just telling me. I strongly strongly suggest if you want to live a healthier life and change your lifestyle SIGN UP FOR HIS PLAN!!!!!  No excuses. It’s a very reasonable price and you will see major results. Starting weight was 178lbs in April (left pic). Today is august 17th 2017 (right pic) I am 185 lbs. turned fat into lean muscle. And I love the way I look and still have a long way to go.  Thank you so much for everything.