Champoinmethod taught me a lot. When I joined I was already a year into working out. So when it comes to the basics and my routine of exercises I felt like I already had everything down. Although I felt this way I must be honest and also say that I felt as if I had reached a plateau. With the help from Muhammed Qandil and his site, I’ve learned how to surpass that plateau and reach another level. Whether it was diet plans or just to learn a few different workouts to help exercise different muscle parts it was all on the site for me to learn and apply. This site is not only for beginners but also for anyone who feels as if they are at stage where they just cannot grow or reach the next level. The beauty of it is that it is endless. In other words you always want more out of yourself and your body. Being a member of ChampionshipMethod I am certain that I have the right guidelines and assistance that I need.