Champion Method is one of a kind. As somebody who cares about my religion and pleasing God in whatever I do, as well as transforming my body, this is the only platform I know that combines both with such force and passion. Muhammed brings such drive and passion to the game, that it almost immediately motivates you into action. He lives and breathes what he teaches, which is the most impressive characteristic that drives this excellent brand. The workouts were not only brutal, but they awoke a new hunger in me that kick-started a new journey in bodybuilding. I found myself waking up and being in the gym by around 6am and smashing the workout to pieces. Muhammed taught me the value of hard work and pain, and also taught me what I didn’t know about myself – i.e. just how hard I could push it. Perhaps one of the best parts of the journey was the fact that Muhammed was always available. The answers to any questions I had were just a message or phone call away.I would highly recommend anybody looking to transform their body to check out Champion Method. You will have to bleed and sweat, but
with every workout video you are taught exactly why you are going through such pain, and that it serves a much bigger purpose than just looking good in a tshirt.

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