Grateful Tuna

If you were a boss and you had 2 employees, they both got paid exactly the same, but one was very grateful the other was very negative and unhappy with what he got, who would you give a raise? Most likely the grateful one. Well we are the slaves to ALLAH swt (GOD) and we should be grateful with all the gifts he has given us for example eyesight, hearing, vision, a brain and etc... you can't even count them if I gave you a million dollars for your left hand would you give it up? Obviously NOT, so even if we tried we wouldn't be able to fairly put a price on the value on what GOD has given us. So lets just be grateful, and maybe he just might increase us with more provisions because we are grateful even though the test he has given us is a little hard at this time, anyways enjoy the delicious tuna, the Grateful Tuna!