Tawakkul Back Workout

The Tawakkul Back workout is for people who stress and worry about the future when they have no control over it but they do have  control about what they do about it, see Tawakkul is doing everything in your power and then leaving your trust to Allah (swt) in his plan for you, everything that is happening to you is happening for the better future you. Many people ask me how do you have the confidence that this website will work out well whenever you make a decision you should always leave your trust to Allah (swt). We plan but he is the best of planners! This characteristic is lost in society lets bring it back together by having reliance only on the Almighty not on our intelligence, nor our efforts, and not even our family but the one who we should have trust in is The Greatest, The Most Merciful, The Bestower, The Creator, The Designer, and the Giver Allah (swt).