Our Mission

Our dream is to help change people's lives, for a better life, to unlock their true potential that they have, but to do that needs lots of patience. The goal is to challenge the members every day a little bit mentally, physically, and spiritually which ultimately leads them to get the transformation. The process works like this, first, we have to believe in ourselves that we can get the physical transformation and once you see the physical representation of what you believed in, you get the confidence that anythings possible, and you know what it takes to get it (hard work, sacrifice, due diligence, commitment, and being able to see it through) now you apply theses character building blocks that you sharpened every day in the gym and now use them to make any dream you want into a reality. This will take an extraordinary amount of effort, but this will lead us to victory in this life and the next inshallah (God willing)!

The first day you sign up with the championmethod.com we equip you with a 90 day transformation calendar. You will get a transformation, but a real transformation takes 6 months to a year.

Once you access the 90 day calendar, it will give you a detailed day by day schedule for 90 days to kickstart you to get the body you’ve always wanted, after 90 days you’ll know if Championmethod.com is for you or not.

We love to build a trust with our members, so we don’t force you to make a commitment of a year membership or make you sign a contract, and we will never be a company to have any hidden fees of any sort, you are capable of canceling your account anytime any day by a click of a button, yes its that easy like we said we want to build a trust between us

As a member, if there are any questions you have you are more than welcome to contact us anytime even something as little as a word, we want to educate you in the best way possible. If you got the work ethic we have the plans.

How does it work?

What do you offer?


Our story?

Muhammed & Imad two brothers who love to see for each other what they would love to see for themselves, we are always pushing each other in competition, they say champions are made in pairs well we both are the pairs for each other that strive to see the best for one another. We both traveled to Iowa to get our doctorates in chiropractic and thats when championmethod.com was created. We started to make videos of what we love to do and what we would've loved to have when we started the fitness journey to become more fit & healthy. We started to get amazing feedback of people saying how much their life changed, and that was the purpose of us becoming doctors, to impact others and change their life, so we realized we had to commit to one thing, Doctors or championmethod.com  and we chose championmethod.com because if you ever want to be the subject matter expert in your field you have to focus on one area or we would've been a 50% doctor and  50% trainers and we have enough of those guys in society, so thats  why we did what we did. In 2016 we graduated from school as Master Trainers we got specialized in  strength & conditioning, youth fitness, senior fitness, exercise therapy, nutrition, & personal training. We are still learning everyday because no longer are we doing it for ourselves were doing it for the benefit of others.

When can you start?

There will never be highlighted time in your life for you to start on a monumental goal, that everyone wants but most don't achieve, so they ask "when should I start" we say " your only promised today" and also you'll hear, "how long until I achieve the transformation" when the real question should be "how bad do you want it", I'm not going to lie to you and say after 30 days  you will achieve abs, big biceps, and a  ripped chest this is people trying to steel from you and take your money, I'm not going to sugar coat anything this will be one of the toughest things you'll ever do in your life because your going to have to sacrifice a lot of this comfortable life that most people love, what the masses of average people are doing, but that's okay we aren't trying to be average we are trying to become champions. The best champion of ourselves!

Questions & Booking

If you would like to book us for an event, please notify us 2-weeks advanced.




  • Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Certified in Fitness Nutrition
  • Certified Youth Fitness Trainer
  • Certified Senior Fitness Trainer
  • ​Certified in Exercise Therapy
  • ​Certified in Strength & Conditioning
  • ​CSCS Course Completion

Muhammed Qandil

Founder & Master Trainer of Champion Method

Knowledge without action is madness, action without knowledge is pointless!

االعلم بلا عمل جنون والعمل بلا علماً لا يكون