When I first started to workout I honestly thought that you just had to go to the gym and pull and push weights around and you could eat whatever. As the years progress, I slowly started to see that I needed to focus on the form and really watch what I would put into my body. It was hard very hard, but I never gave up! However, as I progress and became better at working out and eating right, I hit a plateau, and my body was no longer changing. My body was adapting to my workouts and what I ate was not enough. Than I started to eat more in order to get bigger, like a lot, I was eating “dirty foods” in order to bulk up and I knew it was harming my body. It wasnt until I met Mohammed owner/trainer from Champion’s method were I started to see REAL results. The videos on his website were not only motivational but also inspired me to continue! The methods always change it never stayed the same, they got harder and harder as you progress,but with motivation,great determination, and Mohammed was always there 24/7 in case I ever had a question about anything he always answer it! As one can see from the many testimonials on his website. 

Champions Method is well worth it!