Ömer Şahin

1. Discipline is the 🔑 Key 
2. Patience is Power 💪🏻 
3. Knowledge with Action 

💪🏼For 1 year I made a commitment to make a change in my daily routine and mindset, putting knowledge into action. I started with running, then swimming and finally a combination of fitness. I experimented with changes in my eating habits, including fasting, to have success with my diet and weight loss. I sustained these changes until March 2023 and successfully lost weight.

For exactly 90 days I have been training harder to get fitter, improve my mindset and look better. 6 days in a row doing my workout, having 2 rest days and changing my diet. Getting up early to reach my goals. 💪🏼 Over 90 days I have followed a rigorous training plan and nutrition plan to reach my goals( @championmethod ). It’s been an intense journey but I made it! 💯
A positive change in my daily routine and mindset has been my long term goal. I have learned that knowledge without action is meaningless and action without knowledge is madness. 💡
Today I am happy to tell you that I made it through these 90 days! I want to thank my family, loved ones, friends and work colleagues who have actively supported and been patient with me while I focused my time management on training and work. I hope my story/posts over the last 90 days, even if only a fraction, has inspired some of you to take more time and take action on your physical and mental health. So far, 14 people from my environment have registered who have activated themselves through my discipline, I think that’s great! It continues, another 180 days and obviously a lot longer. Here we go! Are you with me? 😃💪🏼
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